Psych You Out { a birthday party }

(Ahhh…it’s the first day of summer vacation and everyone is still asleep and I am sitting here, leisurely drinking my coffee.  Hurrah!)

So the birthday girl has a new obsession/favorite TV show.  It’s called Psych and I think I love it almost as much (if not a little bit more) than she does.  In fact, it was voted most popular TV show in the middle school year book this year.  Who knew?  So her birthday party was Psych themed.  Ok, not exactly.  It was really sort of pineapple themed (which IS a nod to Psych) but to say there was a  theme is a bit of a stretch.  The cupcakes were pineapples and the goody bags were full of pineapple stuff.  Other than that it was really a “have fun with your besties at the beach” themed party.  Here’s just a little taste of what our day was like….thank you Mr Weatherman for cooperating on her birthday, once again!



My lovely auntie let us invade her beach for a day of fun (thank you, thank you, thank you!).  It is truly one of the birthday girl’s favorite places on earth…and for good reason, it is completely awesome!  The minute we pulled in, the girls jumped straight into their boots and went for an exploration in “crabby creek”.


Then it was straight down to the beach for their kayak safety lesson.  You’ll note Mr. Safety teaching them all about the currents and you’ll note that both the dog and the big guy were in attendance (though you won’t be seeing them again here as the dog was too busy running around and the boy was too busy avoiding squealing girls or fishing…whatever you want to call it).

The next US women’s kayaking champions.

The birthday girl is also known as the Mini Cake Boss at our house and these cupcakes are completely her doing.  Don’t you love them?


The obligatory candle blowing out.

Apparently there was plenty of frosting on those cupcakes.

Then the girls mixed up their own bubble stuff and went to town.  (Thanks pop for sending all the fixings with us!)

This bubble juice is no joke and it was just breezy enough that all they had to do was dip their bubble wands in and hold them up….the breeze took care of the rest.  They all took turns making bubbles and viciously destroying the bubbles….quite the athletic endeavor with all the leaping and slashing and whacking and running.

Then the crazy loons went swimming.  What?  It is June here in the Northwest which means the water is only slightly warmer than a glacier.  But clearly I am an old wimp and they had a grand old time.

A little present opening.  There’s nothing better than having best friends who are so thoughtful and know exactly what you love and do lovely things that make you blissfully giddy.   She is so lucky to have these girls in her life (and so am I….partly because they are awesome friends to her and partly because that is about one third of my soccer team up there…love those girls!)

Next up, a little art.  The girls rounded up my aunt’s paint supplies and each decorated a fence post, leaving their mark on the beach for eternity (or at least until the weather wears the paint off).


S’mores to finish of the day the right way.  We had all kinds of s’more options and everyone tried something a little different.  There were regular marshmallows, strawberry ones, chocolate mint ones, and Peeps.  There were chocolate bars,  peanut butter cups, chocolate caramel squares, and mint thingys.  Insider tip:  turns out the peanut butter cup with the regular marshmallow might be my new favorite.

Love these girls!  (and yes, I did already say that, but it’s true and I couldn’t be more grateful that my girl has such an amazing group of friends).  Thanks for such a fun day…..though next time I could do without the COMPLETE rendition of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” on the ride home.

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Nanette - June 19, 2013 - 5:07 pm

Thank YOU for the best. day. EVER!

Mary - June 20, 2013 - 3:32 pm

Those pineapple cupcakes are fabulous!
And Judith, you rock.:)

Annetta - June 20, 2013 - 7:38 pm

Looks like the most fun ever! What a great day. The cupcakes are fabulous. I am hoping for some in the near future.

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