lovely ladies { Issaquah family photographer }

Last week I was lucky enough to get to spend the morning with these lovely ladies.  I have absolutely loved every second I get to spend hanging out with them and have been lucky enough to photograph all these lovelies as newborns onward.  (Most recent newborn session here.)  Watching them grow has been an absolute treat!  I kind of hope that mom just keeps having beautiful babies so I can keep seeing them a couple times every year…once a year just isn’t enough.  Here are a few of my favorite images from the baby’s six month session…

newborn baby infant photography seattle issaquah mercer island

For the love of all that is sweet and delicious….this is one of the many reasons that I LOVE six month sessions.  Toes!  (Oh wait…and soft hair, and long lashes, and sweet, little, soft baby rolls.  Oh my.)

newborn baby infant photography seattle issaquah mercer island

Hi Beautiful!

newborn baby infant photography seattle issaquah mercer island

With her beautiful mama.  Some of my very favorite images have come from 6 month old sessions with this mama and her girls.  There is even a whole series from this session that deserve their own blog post…which I’m hoping will appear here tomorrow!

And of course the big sisters needed to get in on the action…

newborn baby infant photography seattle issaquah mercer island

Mischief anyone?  Love!

newborn baby infant photography seattle issaquah mercer island

Mischief x 2.  Love x 2.

newborn baby infant photography seattle issaquah mercer island

All three lovely ladies.  Hurrah!

More tomorrow!

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Annetta - July 22, 2014 - 2:26 pm

WOW! Aren’t they beautiful and adorable. What great photos of all these lovely ladies.


So my poor little blog (PLB) has been neglected.  I feel bad.  I really do.  But there are only so many hours in a day and the PLB hasn’t made it to the top of the list for quite awhile.  I know the only way to change that is to make a public declaration announcing my intentions to post multiple times over the next few weeks…I mean, I’m even in the middle of a photo a day challenge for the month of July and none of those have even made it up here….sheesh.  Well that’s all going to change…at least for the next 2 weeks.  After that, no guarantees.

Plus, keep a lookout for holiday special info coming your way soon….it is that time!

So let’s start off the fun with some of my very favorite people in the universe.  We trekked east last weekend for a family wedding and stayed at the Sleeping Lady in Leavenworth.  Awesome!  It was H.O.T. but there was a pool so we survived just fine.  Plus, the major bonus of taking my offspring to a wedding?  They had to get all dressed up…hurrah!  They clean up pretty well…especially considering that the minute we walked out of the hotel room we were all giant sweaty messes.

072514 fernstrom photography-100-2


071714 fernstrom photography-100

The little dude.

071714 fernstrom photography-107

My sweet baby.

071714 fernstrom photography-102

Awww.  My goofs.

071714 fernstrom photography-101

The dudes.

071714 fernstrom photography-106

Lovely ladies.

071714 fernstrom photography-104


071714 fernstrom photography-105

But might love this one more…..

OK, keep checking back…I have a bunch of client sessions to blog….a delicious 6 month old and her sisters and mama, twins and their mama, a whole family of girls….do I know any boys??  It is going to be a girl lovefest around here.  Plus, I will attempt to organize my photo challenge for July into some kind of order and share them.


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2 weeks old { Issaquah Newborn Photographer }

This little girl stole my heart.  She is just the sweetest, tiny bundle and so mellow and calm and agreeable.  Spending the morning with her and her parents was absolute perfection in my book.  Here are just a few of my favorites….

newborn infant baby photographer issaquah seattle

Look at her beautiful eyes! And see what I mean about calm?  She was content to just hang out and look around.

newborn infant baby photographer issaquah seattle


newborn infant baby photographer issaquah seattle

What a lucky little girl!

newborn infant baby photographer issaquah seattle

Gorgeous momma and baby.  Love.

newborn infant baby photographer issaquah seattle

Pretty sure he is already wrapped around her tiny, little finger.  So sweet.

newborn infant baby photographer issaquah seattle

So tiny and perfect.

newborn infant baby photographer issaquah seattle

And one for fun….there just might be a few golfers in her family.  Plus, how could you not just fall in love with that hat and those little booties?

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a little something fancy for the fourth

Around our house we have one that is known as “the mini cake boss”.  She has been known to watch the show Cake Boss and she loves to bake and decorate.  Therefore this blog post is being sponsored by her.  She found this cool surprise 4th of July cake and wanted to give it a try.  It took some thinking on both our parts to figure out how to put it all together so we thought we would break it down for everyone else just to keep it easy for you all.  Here goes:

flag cake-1

To get started you need one red velvet cake mix, one white cake mix, and we decided we wanted 2 frostings, just to be on the safe side.  (There will be no baking from scratch here.)

flag cake-2

Bake the red velvet cake in 2 circle cake pans.  Since we only have the 2 cake pans, we had to do the white cake mix as the second batch.  This time split the cake batter in half and color half blue and bake.  You should have 2 red cakes, 1 white cake, and 1 blue cake.

flag cake-3

Next you want to slice both red cakes and the white cake (BUT NOT THE BLUE CAKE) horizontally through the middle so you end up with 2 white rounds and 4 red rounds.  The picture above is one of the red cakes sliced in half.

flag cake-4

Layer a red, a white, and a red round with frosting in between each layer.

Now comes the tricky part.

flag cake-5

Cut a circle out of the middle of the blue cake…we found the circle thing, pressed it into the cake to mark it, and then cut the circle out.

flag cake-6

Stack the outer blue ring on top of your already stacked red, white, red layers…with frosting, of course.

flag cake-9

Now you will cut out circles from the leftover red round and the leftover white round.  Use the same circle size as you used for the blue since you want your small circles to fit inside the outer blue ring.

flag cake-7

Layer the white circle in the middle of the blue outer ring.

flag cake-10

The last layer is the small red circle which goes on top of the small white circle in the middle of the blue ring. So your cake should have a skinny red layer, a skinny white layer, a skinny red layer, a fat blue ring layer filled with a skinny white circle and a skinny red circle.

You will have leftover cake (the inside of the blue circle and the outside of the red and white circles) and should take care of it however you see fit.

flag cake-2-2

Frost the whole outside of the cake.

Now when you cut into your cake you will get this magic:

flag cake-3-2

flag cake-4-2

So cool!

Happy & safe 4th!

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Nanette - July 5, 2014 - 2:29 am

That is SO COOL!!
I am very impressed :)

It’s “Go Skateboarding” day!

It’s “go skateboarding” day!  Luckily I am on the email list for our local skate shop or I might have missed this critical celebration day…whew!  So in honor of it, guess what?


Happy Go Skateboarding day!  I am very hopeful about a neighborhood long boarders photo shoot sometime this summer….stay tuned!

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Annetta - June 22, 2014 - 4:14 pm

Go skateboarders! Lookin good!

Nanette - June 25, 2014 - 2:02 pm

I’m a little disappointed because I was sure YOU would be the one on the skateboard!

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