Hunting Bigfoot

One of my darling nephews just had his sixth birthday.  This year his thing is Bigfoot. So guess what we did?  First of all, the big kids ventured out into the woods with a few different video devices and filmed and edited a Blair Witch type documentary of themselves hunting Bigfoot.  Footprints were found.  A trap was set.  And then the trap was dismantled and sadly Bigfoot managed to escape. Then the birthday boy came over (with his dad and his little brother).  There was a showing of the film to heighten the anticipation and then we all ventured out into the woods to see if we could spot Bigfoot just for the birthday boy.  The dad/uncle/big cousins really got into it.  Things were thrown into the distance creating a Bigfoot-like disturbance.  Loud bear growling noised were downloaded onto phones and played near the birthday boy.  All in all, I think he had a pretty good adventure.  Just a little photographic evidence….


Is that it over there?


What was that noise?


The fearless explorers wading through the brush.


Prepared to defend us all.


Practicing being scary.


Watch out Bigfoot!

And guess who must just sit around the house practicing being cute….




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Annetta - April 21, 2014 - 3:32 pm

Super cool pictures of the forest and Cooper.

Annetta - April 21, 2014 - 3:33 pm

And Max, also.

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood { Issaquah Child Photographer }

This last weekend was absolutely spectacular, weather-wise…so fantastic, in fact, that there may have been a whole neighborhood’s worth of children having a squirt gun fight in their shorts and t-shirts in front of our house on the middle of January.  As crazy as that may seem, it did bode well for photos on Saturday morning….I’m still pinching myself that I was lucky enough to have a session scheduled for a day in January when it was absolutely beautiful!  What are the chances?

Anyway, a little about these lovelies.  I have known them since before they were born and can remember distinctly when I heard the news that they were on the way and even more clearly when I heard the news that they had arrived (in the middle of a week long power outage in the middle of winter….yikes!).  Now they are big.  So big that they are missing a few important parts and pieces…which needed to be documented for posterity.  So we went to the park…hooray!  Here are just a few from our fun morning….

seatlle issaquah child sibling twin photographer

seattle issaquah child sibling twin photographer

seattle issaquah child sibling twin photographer

seattle issaquah child sibling twin photographer

seattle issaquah child sibling twin photographer

seattle issaquah child sibling twin photographer

Love, love, love these guys and was so happy to get to see them!  Here’s hoping it’s not so long in between playdates this time!

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Annetta - January 29, 2014 - 3:23 am

So big! So smiley! So absolutely adorable!

Brand New { Seattle Newborn Photographer }

This little one has already demonstrated that she has a mind (and schedule) of her own.  She was scheduled to make her entrance Monday evening, or possibly Tuesday sometime.  Instead she decided that maybe Thursday morning suited her a little better.  As much as I am sure that was not her mom’s favorite idea, it did mean I got to meet her when she was only 51 hours old!  Be still my swooning heart!  And her parents were amazing…not even home 24 hours and they were so welcoming and relaxed about the whole thing.  (In case any of you knew me when my first baby was 51 hours old, this was not the experience you would have had with me…pretty sure I was an absolute wreck.)  These guys have got it all under control….they were totally calm when she fussed, excellent swaddlers/diaper changers, amazing soothers, and just an all around great team effort (I’m pretty sure dad and the little miss watched the Seahawks game this weekend while mom got a nap…nicely done!).  I did manage to sneak a few images onto facebook this weekend and based on the response, this little lady was much anticipated and is much loved by so many…what a nice way to be welcomed into the world!  But I could quite restrain myself to the first 3 and decided I “needed” to share a few more of my favorites….

seattle issaquah newborn infant baby photographer

seattle issaquah newborn infant baby photographer

Aren’t they just the sweetest little family?

seattle issaquah newborn photographer

seattle issaquah newborn photographer

They are both a little smitten with their new little girl….


seattle issaquah newborn photographer

She’s pretty darn adorable.

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Annetta - January 15, 2014 - 3:24 am

Aren’t they exquisite! What beautiful photos. Love the little lace crown!

Emily - January 16, 2014 - 9:04 pm

Judith, thank you for the sneak peek!! You are so talented!!!

the trifecta { issaquah newborn photographer }

Hopefully you all know by now just how much I love all my clients and how excited I get when they add a new bundle to their family.  Well today we set a record for most newborns I’ve photographed in one family…hooray for families of five (just like ours…3 lovely kiddos!).  Not only that, a small miracle occurred….without making a conscious effort look what we’ve got from each of these lovely ladies’ newborn sessions:

seattle issaquah mercer island newborn infant baby photographer


And I couldn’t really narrow down which images to show here today so you are getting a bunch…possibly to make up for my lengthy blog vacation….

seattle issaquah mercer island newbarn infant baby photographer

Aren’t these lovelies the best big sisters?  Totally doting on their new baby…not even stressed that she’s crying…just adoring her.

seattle issaquah mercer island newborn infant baby photographer

Having a deep discussion about whether or not to keep the new one?  Not these girls…if it were my bunch in the photo, that most certainly might have been the topic of conversation.

fernstrom photography 010614 newborn-3

Love these guys!  I especially love that I get to see them 3 times a year for each kiddo’s first year!

Just a few of the new little miss all on her own, in all her deliciousness…

fernstrom photography 010614 newborn-6

fernstrom photography 010614 newborn-7

fernstrom photography 010614 newborn-9

She was an absolute doll the whole time…not phased by me in the least…just sleeping away.

And one of my very favorites to finish up…

fernstrom photography 010614 newborn-4

Gorgeous!  And she had her third baby 5 days before.  Not to mention she is absolutely the nicest person ever and a totally fantastic mom….you would never have guessed, by the calmness at their house, that there were three kiddos 4 and under.  It was such a treat to spend the morning with all of them!



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Annetta - January 6, 2014 - 5:56 pm

Wow! What adorable girls and the big girls are so attentive to the newest sister. Lovely photos. I can’t possibly pick a favorite.

[…] out with them and have been lucky enough to photograph all these lovelies as newborns onward.  (Most recent newborn session here.)  Watching them grow has been an absolute treat!  I kind of hope that mom just keeps having […]

Big Guy { my Jam }

Birthday season continues around here with my little Jam.  That’s his nickname, Jam.  Just in case you haven’t been reading the blog religiously from the beginning of time.  He’s my nephew.  My sister’s kiddo.  Little dude.  And around here, we love him to pieces (and he gets treated like the youngest sibling most of the time…poor guy).  Anyway, this is a big year for him what with being a big kindergartener now.  Yikes!  How did that happen?  Anyway, a few weeks ago we went out for the double duty birthday photo shoot with my baby and him and had a hilarious time (you may have seen the photobomb incident) and here are just a few of my favorites….happy birthday little dude!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you!



Oh right….it is just like photographing one of my own.  He’s an old pro at this stuff now and has been taking lessons from the master (who you saw recently in his 15 year old birthday photos here.)

The hand = totally predictable, nothing new here, I know how to deal with this.

This face = totally awesome and totally him.  See how nice he is trying to be about the whole photo expedition.  Is it possible I might be trying his patience and he would really like to roll his eyes at me but he’s just too nice to actually do it?


And then there was a stick.  And a six year old boy.  Who might secretly be a ninja.


And one serious face, just so you can see his amazing, big, brown eyes up close.


But never fear, he really does think I’m kind of funny….



AND he’s just plain old adorable.



Love you tons little Jam!  Happy, happy birthday to you!


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Annetta - November 9, 2013 - 1:08 am

Wow! Every year you outdo yourself with him. Fabulous variety, cute smiles, an almost eye roll, etc. Love them all and him too. Happy Birthday, Jam.

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