Big Guy { my Jam }

Birthday season continues around here with my little Jam.  That’s his nickname, Jam.  Just in case you haven’t been reading the blog religiously from the beginning of time.  He’s my nephew.  My sister’s kiddo.  Little dude.  And around here, we love him to pieces (and he gets treated like the youngest sibling most of the time…poor guy).  Anyway, this is a big year for him what with being a big kindergartener now.  Yikes!  How did that happen?  Anyway, a few weeks ago we went out for the double duty birthday photo shoot with my baby and him and had a hilarious time (you may have seen the photobomb incident) and here are just a few of my favorites….happy birthday little dude!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you!



Oh right….it is just like photographing one of my own.  He’s an old pro at this stuff now and has been taking lessons from the master (who you saw recently in his 15 year old birthday photos here.)

The hand = totally predictable, nothing new here, I know how to deal with this.

This face = totally awesome and totally him.  See how nice he is trying to be about the whole photo expedition.  Is it possible I might be trying his patience and he would really like to roll his eyes at me but he’s just too nice to actually do it?


And then there was a stick.  And a six year old boy.  Who might secretly be a ninja.


And one serious face, just so you can see his amazing, big, brown eyes up close.


But never fear, he really does think I’m kind of funny….



AND he’s just plain old adorable.



Love you tons little Jam!  Happy, happy birthday to you!


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Annetta - November 9, 2013 - 1:08 am

Wow! Every year you outdo yourself with him. Fabulous variety, cute smiles, an almost eye roll, etc. Love them all and him too. Happy Birthday, Jam.

family session { issaquah family photographer }

I love it when all the planets align.  This session is the perfect example of this highly unusual phenomenon.  We were scheduled to meet up Saturday afternoon.  Not sure if any of you were paying any attention to the local weather this weekend, but that would not have made for a very nice session (gusts up to 60MPH?).  When I saw the forecast on Friday morning I emailed right away, with all my fingers and toes crossed, asking if there was any chance they were available that afternoon since the weather was forecasted to be more agreeable….cloudy but not rainy until 6.  Amazingly they could, I could, and the weather held…in fact one might even say it was perfect, kind of warm with some beautiful sunbreaks!  Hooray!  Here is a not-so-little sneak peek to start your week off right….I absolutely adore everything about this entire session!!

issaquah child photographer

















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Annetta - November 4, 2013 - 3:31 am

Wow! You really scored. What great photos. Smiles, fun, great light, happy people. What a treat. Saturday would have been awful.

Kerry T - November 4, 2013 - 4:13 am

Wow- these are beauties. We love them. Thank you so much for a fun afternoon in GREAT weather. I am so happy to see their personalities shine through in these photos. Can’t wait to see more.

Granna - November 4, 2013 - 11:00 am

These pictures bring tears to my eyes….a beautiful, loving family. These pictures will be treasured by many….

Just the One { my boy }

FINALLY.  His birthday was actually 37 days ago, but who’s counting?  First we waited for the braces to come off.  Then he was sick.  And the weather has been less than cooperative.  Hmpf.  Well, Monday it was beautiful, he was feeling mostly better, and I finished my afternoon session with enough light left for us to run out and give it a try.  Just a note:  if you have ever tried photographing your own 15 year old son in kind of a hurry before the sun sets, you might be in for an uphill battle….rest assured it is the best kind of battle that involves me laughing so hard that most of the photos are out of focus.  Ah well, as a mother I love those ones all the more.  But we all know I am after just one perfect image and a bunch of “personality” ones to show us a little about him….so here you go….

The perfect one:



Love this kid.  I’m pretty sure he is the most fantastic teenage man/boy you will ever meet.

He is kind and thoughtful, smart, athletic, funny, and slightly musically inclined.



Of course this one makes my heart happy too….

But for your Wednesday entertainment I give you ALL (not really ALL, just most) of the faces in a lovely slideshow.  See if you can find “grumpy cat”.  (speakers on please as there is music…of course…another original piece…LOVE.)





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Barb - November 7, 2013 - 1:29 am

Love the pictures, love the music, love that wonderful boy!!!

Annetta - November 8, 2013 - 3:26 am

I can’t believe how versatile he is. Both facial expressions and musical compositions! Great photos.

Big Guy { my Jam } - JFP Blog - November 8, 2013 - 1:37 pm

[…] Oh right….it is just like photographing one of my own.  He’s an old pro at this stuff now and has been taking lessons from the master (who you saw recently in his 15 year old birthday photos here.) […]

Family Session { issaquah family photographer }

Love these guys and have been missing seeing them on the semi-regular basis of her first year…you know, every 3 months or so until she turned one.  It’s always a little sad for me and I go through a little withdrawal after first birthdays…but it does make it so exciting to see them again since the kiddos are so much bigger and have so much personality!  Here she is at almost 2 1/2……such a little chatterbox…and this little family?  Oh boy do they love each other and making each other laugh…













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