My Superhero



Alright, I know he's not just "my" superhero…he carries a lot of weight around here (I'm a totally cracking myself up).  

Last night he saved my bacon big time.  He is officially the computer wiz at our house and last night my computer crashed.  Seriously dead.  Massive panic set in.  (Never fear, everything is backed up in at least three places, but it takes time to rebuild it all, if you are lucky enough to get your computer up and running at all, and time I don't have this week)  Luckily for me, after hours of gently wrangling with the beast (where I would probably have chucked it out the window) he got it up and running with no lost files or anything!  Woohoo!!  You're the best!!  Lucky me!

Guess what I'm asking Santa for this year??  I swear I've been good!

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