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Rictusempra { More Harry Potter }

As promised, a few fun and goofy shots from our Harry Potter themed shoot…. Clearly they have both mastered “Rictusempra“, the tickling charm. “Grumpify”.  It’s the counter-curse to Rictusempra.  (Don’t know if you can tell I made that one up??) Such advanced magic for an underage wizard.  (Let me reiterate, if you haven’t read the […]

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Inspired { Harry Potter session }

I don’t know about all of you but sometimes I have trouble getting my kids to go along with some of my ingenious ideas…especially when it involves my camera.  But this time I had two things going in my favor.  1)  They encouraged me to sign up for this class (which I am so grateful […]

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Everything is starting to get festive around here.  Our tree has been up for awhile but we had to wait to share this year’s ornaments til now because we actually made a few for friends too and didn’t want to spoil the surprise.  But now that they have all been delivered we are free to […]

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Honeydukes { Harry Potter party }

Last stop on the Hogwarts Express, a quick trip to Honeydukes.  Everyone had a chance to stop by the candy shop to fill up their goody bags.  I mean, who doesn’t love a bag full of candy?  Here’s what we came up with….and we did try to be pretty authentic.   Borrowed Miss M’s big […]

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The Great Hall { Harry Potter party }

So of course there has to be eating at a party, right?  (I can do that.)   And at Hogwarts they eat in the Great Hall, right?   (I can try to do that.)  At Hogwarts the house elves do all the cooking and cleaning.  (Oh how I wish I had a house elf.)  But I […]

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