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Little Fairies { Seattle Child Photographer }

This last weekend I met these lovely ladies for the first time.  I may very well have squealed with glee when I caught my first glimpse.  They are just what I imagine little woodland fairies would be like…the dresses really just pushed the whole vision right over the top.  I really just wanted to run […]

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Catching Up { Seattle family photographer }

I had the best time hanging out with these guys this past weekend.  We really just chatted our way through the session…soccer, new teachers, sales at Old Navy, and seeking medical attention for children (head wounds for them, broken bones for us).  There may even have been a conversation about how hanging out once a […]

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Tough Love { Issaquah Family Photographer }

Sibling dynamics are amazing especially since siblings come in all varieties.  Boy boy, girl girl, boy girl, 2 of them, three of them, 2 years apart, 5 years apart, etc, etc….  I’ve known these guys for 5 or six years (can it really have been that long?) and it has been especially fun watching this […]

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Bigger { Seattle Family Photographer }

These guys just keep getting bigger and bigger.  I know, I know….it happens to them all but it is just so much more obvious when you only see them once a year. By some small miracle we were able to squeeze our annual session in this past weekend (it only gets trickier as they get […]

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Summer Love { Missoula Family Photographer }

Things don’t always work out the way you think they will.  In my dream world I get to go to Missoula every summer, run a race, see some of my favorite people, and take a few photos.  Well, last year I was at a photography seminar on race weekend and this year I was all […]

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