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Family Fun { Issaquah Family Photographer }

So excited to see these guys last weekend.  It has been a few years and it is just crazy how big and grown up the boys are!  Seeing as how this blog post should have gone up last week but owing to a sick kid and a birthday girl (one and the same) I am […]

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My Little Bug

(As I type the title I am realizing that I probably shouldn’t say things like that about her anymore.  She’s ELEVEN now.  What?  I swear it was just yesterday that she was turning 2.) This year birthday photos of all my little darlings have been tardy at best, nonexistent at worst, and I had all […]

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The Perfect Combination

So my biggest baby celebrated his sweet sixteen birthday not too long ago and we missed actually getting his birthday photos done in time for the big day.  (Not much of a surprise given that his birthday is smack in the middle of busy photo season, soccer season, a month of 4 birthdays in our […]

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Little Fairies { Seattle Child Photographer }

This last weekend I met these lovely ladies for the first time.  I may very well have squealed with glee when I caught my first glimpse.  They are just what I imagine little woodland fairies would be like…the dresses really just pushed the whole vision right over the top.  I really just wanted to run […]

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