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Good For the Soul { Seattle Child and Family Photographer }

You know how you feel when the sun is shining?  It’s just good for your soul.  You feel all uplifted and giddy.  Well this entire family session is like a huge shot of Vitamin D for my soul.  This adorable & adoring family, the grins and giggles, the colors (amazing job coordinating everyone!!), the light…sigh…fabulousness […]

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Momma’s Boy { Seattle Child Photographer }

There’s nothing sweeter than having a son (unless it’s having a daughter and then it is pretty much a tie anyway).  These two are just about the cutest ever and this momma is lucky enough to still get all kinds of snuggles and smooches, pretty much anytime she wants them.  Little Mr. Man is starting […]

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and you thought it was over….

Surprise…Family Week continues! This time though, it is those with whom I share the most DNA (my parents and their grandchildren)….let’s call them “the Immediates”….kind of like The Incredibles but not quite the same.  For one thing they aren’t animated (well, they are actually quite animated but not in the cartoon movie character way.)  Anyway, […]

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We Are Family { Seattle Family Photographer }

Family week continues with my aunt and uncle, their 3 girls and their families….that’s a lot of people!  Therefore, you are only going to get to see a sprinkling of my favorite images from this session since there are about a million in total. The fearless leaders….my sweet auntie and uncle.   The lovely offspring. […]

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Family Week { Seattle Child & Family Photographer }

You know how the Discovery Channel has Shark Week?  Well it is Family Week here on the blog this week.  (I have 5 cousins on my mom’s side and you will get to see 4 of them this week…) Every time I photograph these guys I am reminded of all those science classes about genetics.  […]

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