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Print Rich Homes

So if you are faithful blog reader you will know that I’m am pretty passionate about having voracious readers at my house.  Like seriously, it is almost a requirement.  Well, I’m super lucky because I have a great friend who is equally passionate about it and has this awesome blog, Small Types, all about literacy…lately […]

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By now you are probably sick of hearing about my new lens…but too bad…here’s a little more.  Just to entertain myself (and perhaps to justify my purchase a little) I did a little experiment.  I took both my camera bodies and my 3 favorite lenses, set them all to the same settings and shot the […]

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And Baby Makes Three {Issaquah Baby & Child Photographer}

I LOVE when I get to see families at least once a year.  These guys I get to see twice every year….hooray!  Every year since the oldest was just a tiny, little girl.  The best part means that I’ve gotten the chance to welcome each adorable addition to their family when they were pretty small….and […]

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The Fun Ones

In a continuation of yesterday’s party post, I give you the “fun” shots….there aren’t shots of all the tasks or you would be here all day! The water balloon task….which everyone enjoyed (especially after the grueling first task of which there are no very “fun” photos)   Is that the coolest water balloon popping photo […]

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A Race Around the World

Or maybe just around the neighborhood. This weekend we celebrated the middle’s birthday with an “Amazing Race” party.  Luckily for me, this kid has 4 best friends (sadly only 3 could make it) and that makes this a much more do-able party than if she had wanted to invite her whole class or something.  Today […]

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