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Wide Awake { Issaquah Newborn Photographer }

With newborns you never know what you are going to get and you have just about zero control of the situation….and what I know is, the sooner you accept that reality, the better.  This little guy was no different.  He had his own ideas of how his day was going to go.  He was such […]

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Sweet As a Cupcake { Issaquah Baby Photographer }

I can’t believe it has been a year already!  I met this little girl before she was even born (here & here) and then right after her she made her grand entrance (here) and then again 2 lovely more times this year (here & here).  It has been such a treat watching her personality emerge!  […]

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You Guess Which { Issaquah Family Photographer }

I was so excited about this session for about a million reasons…..older kiddos that I already knew I would love, beautiful weather, totally relaxed mom who is already a kindred spirit sort of person, just to name a few.  When I left the house for this session I told my kids that the session was […]

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Lightning Fast { Issaquah Child Photographer }

Oh what a difference a year makes!  I had the privilege of photographing this little guy last year (you can see those images here).  This year he still loves dogs (we spent a bit of time visiting with Georgia….and next time I will have my camera on hand for that piece of adorableness).  He is […]

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So I have had my fair share of chaperone gigs this year…5 overnights in total, 3 with middle school boys in California and 2 with 5th grade girls at camp.  (Not that I am implying anything about middle school boys or airline travel with 65 8th graders) BUT if you ever have the chance to […]

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