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Springy { What to Wear }

Request for help with prizes at the bottom….please help me! So right now the wind is howling and there is raining beating against my window…I’m calling that April showers (slightly prematurely) in grand hopes of some May flowers.  But in the meantime, how about this kind of flowers….     Feels pretty springy to me! […]

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Rictusempra { More Harry Potter }

As promised, a few fun and goofy shots from our Harry Potter themed shoot…. Clearly they have both mastered “Rictusempra“, the tickling charm. “Grumpify”.  It’s the counter-curse to Rictusempra.  (Don’t know if you can tell I made that one up??) Such advanced magic for an underage wizard.  (Let me reiterate, if you haven’t read the […]

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Inspired { Harry Potter session }

I don’t know about all of you but sometimes I have trouble getting my kids to go along with some of my ingenious ideas…especially when it involves my camera.  But this time I had two things going in my favor.  1)  They encouraged me to sign up for this class (which I am so grateful […]

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Love & Laughter

So I wrote this whole long post about these guys and how much I love them and the way they love each other and blah blah blah.  But it didn’t do justice to the way I feel about them or these images so I scrapped it.  Here’s the short version: The class assignment I chose […]

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The Rest of the Story { Issaquah Child Photographer }

As promised, more of my favorites from our sunny session last week….   Talk about contagious laughter….they had me at their first giggle and I couldn’t stop.  All that laughing makes for some focus issues, what with all that hand shaking going on. Love the small hands on that small face, bringing her in close […]

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