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Divine { Harry Potter Party }

And the party goes on…. Once everyone had gathered their school supplies they headed up to the Divination tower for a cup of tea with Professor Trelawney.  (Blog post title “Divine” could refer to divining the future or the absolutely divine Professor Trelawney).  Professor Trelawney was AWESOME!  She came dressed to perfection and taught the […]

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Diagon Alley….sort of { Harry Potter Party }

After everyone made it successfully on to the train it was time to pick up their school supplies.  Keep in mind they all have wands already (from a previous wand making event) and the invitation stated that they could bring their own Hogwart’s approved pet if they liked, so it was a brief shopping trip.  […]

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Golden { Issaquah Family Photographer }

The golden hour.  The hour just before sunset.  Aptly named for its golden light.  In my mind, generally associated with summer, which means it happens way too late for there to be happy small people.  Turns out there is still a golden hour at the end of October and it happens to be right around […]

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Platform 9 3/4 { Harry Potter Party }

Do you have your ticket?  Are you feeling magical?  Good.  It’s time to board the Hogwart’s Express.  But first, you will have to brave and run full speed at that brick wall and hope you aren’t a muggle! Disclaimer:  My watermark is on all the photos though I am only responsible for some of the […]

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A Tiny Carnivorous Duckling { Issaquah Child Photographer }

Did you know ducks are particularly fond of the taste of giraffe?   Is she not the cutest tiny carnivorous duckling ever though?  Giraffe = not so sure about having his hand chewed but a very sweet and tolerant big brother.     Love, love, love the big blue eyes, the fabulous tights, and her […]

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