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The Fourth

This will be a fourth that we will always remember.  A once in a lifetime kind of experience.  I mean, how many times will we be able to go out in a boat to the ends of the earth and watch fireworks?  (Besides, nothing puts freedom into perspective like being a stone’s throw away from […]

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My husband grew up in a boating kind of family and one of my favorite parts of vacationing with him and his family is being able to let our kids try all kinds of new to them (and me) stuff.    Of the three of them, we have one who is just like his dad and […]

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My Very Own Pool Boy

It’s what I’ve always wanted…my very own pool boy. And he’s kinda cute!  My definition of “pool boy” = he who runs errands and does favors for me….ideally, like bring me fruity drinks.  In this situation we used him a a pack mule.  The place we stayed was  little walk from the pool, so after […]

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I Wanna Go Back To The Islands

(For those of you who live up here near me, these photos are the perfect excuse to turn the heat way up, put on your flip flops, make yourself a fruity drink, and pretend that summer is really here.) My sweet husband was singing about “going back to the islands” before we even left the […]

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Victory Dance

A little post-race documentation of our awesomeness….check out our shiny medals (I generally let my kids believe that getting a medal means I won the race.) and our super fancy race shirts.  We belong to the exclusive “Girls Gone Running” club….best part of the shirt = it says “run like a girl” on it.  Highlight […]

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