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Little Sister

Hope you have enjoyed knowing me because after this, I am dead meat…. Guess who is having a birthday today?!? OK, so that ‘s not the best quality photo of a photo but isn’t it funny? (Her mouth is full of Halloween candy…I think that’s her costume?) Just a little walk down memory lane today […]

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The Terrible Threes

You know how everyone says it is the terrible twos…until they have a three year old?  Well, it might be true for dogs too…our furry baby had a birthday this week.  She’s officially three now.  For the most part she is a charming and lovable beast, but there is a reason I am not a […]

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One Down, Three to Go…

Generally speaking, my youngest is not a crowd follower.  But way back in November in a dramatic attempt to loose a tooth and be “just like all the other kids” she loosened her four front teeth with an ever-so-graceful face plant on to the edge of some stairs.  While this was slightly terrifying and she […]

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