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Snowball Fight

Well we’ve had snow for several days now (that’s pretty long for us) and I finally made it outside with my camera.  Shooting in the snow is one of my very favorites for 2 reasons; 1)  You know how I feel about hats…  2)  Snow makes the best reflector ever!  Anyway, a few of my […]

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Remember when….

the sun was shining?  Was it really just yesterday?  It was hailing here just a minute ago and I am already missing the sun (doesn’t help that it is mid-winter break for the kids and LOTS of people are in Hawaii).  Anyway, just a few shots of my own lovelies from out in the sunshine yesterday…please […]

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Attention Span { Issaquah Child Photographer }

In case you were wondering, when it comes to football I have the attention span of a 3 year old.  Turns out neither my nephew or I cared too much whether the Packers or the Steelers won last weekend.  We were more interested in the cupcakes and goofing around.  So this is what we did […]

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Lucky Baby { Kirkland Maternity Photographer }

 So this session is a continuation of the previous post’s belly.  I have decided that this is the way I really want to be able to do all maternity sessions, though I know it won’t always be possible, I can still dream.  While we got to spend the first part of the session focusing on […]

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Expecting { Issaquah Maternity Photographer }

I truly had the best day today.  It involved cookies, adventures with a red chair, lots of laughing, and a wonderful woman to share it all with.  (OK, so it was hard for me to call her a woman seeing as how I’ve known her for what seems like forever and I really wanted to call her […]

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