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Happy New, New, New Everything!

Hey, Hi, Howdy and welcome to the new blog!  Thanks for finding your way over here….be sure to bookmark it, add it to your favorites, or otherwise commit it to memory so you can come back often!  In honor of the end of a great year and the beginning of another great one….I’ve been working on all kinds […]

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The Director

This week the loved and lovable Kitty came for his photo shoot.  What I didn't know when scheduling Kitty was that he would be bringing his "people".  That Kitty is such a diva.  His "person" came right in, set up a chair at the edge of the backdrop and announced "I am the director" and […]

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(This project was inspired by this site sent to me by my very smart friend.)   I have a kid who is attached to a special something.  Her special something is a blanket.  She can't leave home without it.  It has been loved to death.  Over the years there has been some angst over its demise.  So […]

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So, perhaps you can tell it is officially December on the blog?  We are busily finishing up all the photography related holiday stuff and happily moving onto the family fun portion of Christmas.  That means less blogging and more playing.  Here's a little taste of one of our favorite holiday traditions….a trip downtown to see […]

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