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The Obligatory Snow Photos

So we are now on our second snow day of the school year nd can I just tell you how much I love it when the district announces the closure the night before.  There is all kinds of sleeping in potential.  Never happens.  Nobody wants to waste  minute of their free time by sleeping in.  […]

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Picture Perfect

Finishing the holiday photo sessions with a bang.  Not just one of my all time favorite families, but we got to shoot outside while it was snowing!!  (Alright, it's not like there was a blizzard or anything, but it sure was fun…and we are making up for it today with snow everywhere!)  Anyway, here is a […]

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She’s Crafty

She's just my type. (Just wanted to show my wide range of musical interests…Sound of Music on Wednesday all the way to….well, can you name them?  I bet a few of you can.) WARNING:  If you are in my family and stand a chance of getting a Christmas gift from me, either stop reading this […]

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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

(My sincere apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein) This song has been floating around our house for a few weeks now (someone is learning to play it on the piano and someone else has decided to commit the lyrics to heart) and is completely stuck in my head BUT I thought it summed up this fabulous session perfectly, […]

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Sometimes I have to beg my children to be guinea pigs.  Like this last week.  Needed to try out a new light.  Just thought I would share the proof that your kids are way more cooperative than mine, who are complete goofs.    Then a little cheese to try to appease the "great & evil mom-lady"….   […]

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