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Seriously Adorable { Seattle Baby Photographer }

I met the cutest, funniest little one last week.  She's just nine months old, which is one of my favorite ages ever.  She is absolutely fascinated by everything around her…a total scientist in the making.  She studied every detail of every new thing that came her way.  She was very serious and intent about it all […]

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Hip Travel Mama

Well, you all know I am a sucker for a good vacation…and I bet some of you are too!  My talented friend (and cool neighbor responsible for outdoor movie night) has a great blog with tips on making traveling with your family fun & fabulous!  (Also found on facebook here)   Not only should you check it […]

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Super Star { Issaquah Child Photographer }

When I'm gearing up for photos with the 1 – 2 year old set, I get myself prepped for lots of running and jumping around, singing songs and making goofy noises.  This time was no exception.  I was ready to go.  And guess what?  I didn't need any of it!  This little man was a true […]

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The Rest of the Story { Issaquah Baby Photographer }

The first time I photographed these guys it looked something like this…..    Well, guess what happened?    A BABY!!  It seems like they still like each other…and quite a bit!   Another favorite of mine from their wedding….   again… Neither boy is particularly impressed by all the love surrounding them.   Love those eyes…so […]

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Camera Geeks

So yesterday, spur of the moment, I rounded up the troops and we headed out to the beach.  We haven't done anything spntaneous and fun yet during summer vacation, so it was time.  AND, one of our summer goals has to do with some photography lessons for the kids.  So not just kids packed into the […]

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