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Butter & Jam

Here's what happens when you let a 2 year old butter his own waffle….. Can you still see the waffle?     Here is the little culinary genius…can you believe he is almost 2 and a half?   (and for those who don't know, his nickname is Jam…pretty crafty post title on my part, no?)     […]

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Super {B}

Last week my buddy Super  {B} came over to play.  He is a really cool super hero and if I were facing imminent peril from a dangerous villain, this is who I would count on in my hour of need…. Check out those superhero boots!  That's my idea of perfection…saving the world in your slippers!   […]

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That’s One Giant Slide

So we have this park in our neighborhood and it has two GIANT slides.  I'm sure the park has an official name, but at our house we just call it "the giant slide park".  Well, one of the local home builders is putting a similar park into one of their new neighborhoods and they needed […]

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As I may have mentioned, I am now a fancy-schmancy destination photographer.  Apparently I have been for awhile, I just wasn't paying enough attention.  Anyway, this is the last of my "destination" photos…and what a destination it is…. So gorgeous!  We were so lucky as it had been snowing like mad for the previous 2 […]

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Beautiful Belly {Maternity Photography}

WARNING:  there is much rambling on and on in this post (not to mention how much the spellchecker hated much of my word choice)…go get a snack. I love maternity sessions.  I love everything about them.  Glowing mommas.  Round bellies.  The fact that there is such a thing as cute/fabulous maternity clothes.  There was not much […]

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