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Birthday Girl

Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday dear sissy (or Aunt Fancy)! Ok, so her birthday was yesterday but we are lounging around in the sun with our friends Ben & Jerry celebrating ALL week long!  Could there be a better birthday present?? Happy day fabulous woman…here's wishing you your best year yet! 

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This is my friend Cat.  Cat Patrick. She is a writer.  A REALLY good writer. You don't just have to take my word for it.    Her first novel will be on bookshelves Spring 2011. Did I mention that she is absolutely gorgeous as well?  These are just a few of the fun author photos […]

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The Pup

Guess who just turned 2? She hasn't been seen around here much lately but in honor of her birthday I thought a few photos were in order….  She's totally laughing at me….but at least I didn't make her wear a party hat like last year!  Remember when she was just a tiny puppy? Happy birthday big […]

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One of my favorite post-shooting activities is birth announcement (or holiday card) design.  Granted, I am no design goddess, but I do love finding great designs and even more, I love seeing it all come together!  One of my recent moms and I just put the finishing touches on her little guy's announcement and I love how […]

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Sweetness and Light {Newborn Photography}

    I'll say it again…I'm the luckiest girl in the world!  This little guy is my newest neighbor and I was privileged enough to be invited over for a little introduction.  He was a champ!  At first, he struggled through a tough round of the hiccups but then he was out like a light.  Here are […]

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