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Funny Monkeys

These two cuties were here last week for photos (and, truth be told, some playing).  Since all my kiddos were on break from school they were here too.  Now, if you were 3 1/2 or 1 1/2 and you had the choice between playing with me and having your photo taken (yippy!! whee!) and playing with my […]

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An Adventure

Well, spring is here (for now, I know better than to be too optimistic…).   The mom of these two and I have been anxiously awaiting some good outdoor photo weather!  It is so much more fun to get to go on a playdate and happen to bring my camera along….especially for the 18 month through 4ish set.  […]

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The King

of Pop, that is. Henry, being the consummate student of music, has been studying all kinds…even some of my favorite 80's tunes…though I can still beat him at "name that tune" but probably not for long.  Here are the big man's take on some Michael Jackson moves…. So handy you can't see his face in […]

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It’s the little things…

I am admittedly a geek. And sadly, not the good kind of tech-savvy, computer-handy geek.  I'm the "it's the little things that make me happy" kind of geek. That being said (you've been forewarned) I finally finished putting together a splash page for the website/blog/facebook.   Squeal!  So fancy!  Run on over there and check it out!  Best part […]

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My Funny Valentine

I got some extra special treasures from my girlies this year for Valentine's day…handcrafted masterpieces which I will need to photograph and share with you all, but my darling son (who I think was feeling a little left out) asked if we could go out and around the neighborhood and take some photos.  Be still my […]

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