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For the Love of All That is Soft & Sweet

Last week I was lucky enough to meet this lovely little one.  She was a dream.  She was already sleep when I got there, and she just kept right on snoozing as I moved her and changed her…with only little, tiny squeaks when I was disrupting her sleep just a little too much.  And her parents were […]

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Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.  Brown paper packages tied up with string. Alright, those really aren't any of my favorite things but I'm guessing you're singing by now! Here are a few of my actual favorite things though….all photography related this time.  Nary a child of mine in sight.  Might just do a […]

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Virtual Hand Holding, Please

I am in desperate need of some virtual hand holding, maybe even a pat on the back or a tissue or two.  My baby is going into Middle School next year.  This is only becoming a reality for me now as I had to attend the Middle School parent tour last night.  Boohoo.  He, on the […]

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The Mad Hatter

I was going to call this post the Yarn Harlot (that's the name of a book, for all you non-knitting-readers) because I am in the middle of a yarn buying/knitting frenzy…mostly hats though, so Mad Hatter works too.  Anyway, most of them are the teeny, tiny newborn size so you & I will have to […]

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The Eyes Have It

WARNING! I am suffering from absolute lack of thought or brain mush.  My darling son has decided to extend his musical prowess to cover the drums.  Now, don't think for one minute that I even remotely entertained the idea of getting drums at our house.  No.  And since I am the meanest mom in the […]

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