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Wild Pandas – Captured

Well, almost captured….it turns out that toddler pandas can be just as hard to photograph as human pandas.  Sometimes they just feel like running around in the wild and not sitting nicely next to their sister for photos. Alright, they aren't REALLY wild pandas, but aren't they the cutest pandas ever? Their mom has a […]

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A Tiny Little Cutie

Last week I got to spend the morning with this little cutie and the rest of her adorable (and super nice) family.  I just love it when the whole family is friendly and comfortable and relaxed…and these guys are all that plus total pros at this 2 kid thing….it was just a fun morning all […]

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My Boy

So today my baby is  ELEVEN.  I can barely stand it.  Therefore you will have to bear with me while I tell you all about his fabulousness and show his absolute adorableness (though I'm sure he will be most displeased with me for referring to him as adorable…luckily he's not much of a blog follower). First […]

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My New Friends

Last week I had so much fun hanging out and playing with these two cuties!  They were hilarious and so full of personality AND the weather even cooperated enough that we could play outside a little!  Here are a few of my favorites….. And finally, my new very favorite sibling shot… LOVE all the personality!  […]

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