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Horsin’ Around

My baby is a horse girl.  She has been since she was two.  I'm pretty sure everyone knows one of those girls.  Well, she lucked out.  This year it just so happened that her pre-school teacher actually owns her own horse.  These two completely bonded over the horse ALL YEAR LONG.  At the end of […]

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Beauty and the Belly

(I was going to make some sort of basketball reference in the title but she's just too gorgeous for that.. just wait til' you see her little bump!) This last weekend I had the privilege of photographing one super fabulous belly and the family that goes along with it.  What a bunch of cuties!  Can I tell […]

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It’s All About the Eyes & Cheeks

and maybe the super cute little mohawk on this little guy.  You've seen him before but now he is 6 months old…can you believe how fast that went?  Anyway, here are a few of my favorites of my little friend…   I love the little drooly chin!  This is what happens when it is just […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

That's for all you dads out there, but especially the one who won the Mother's day contest…because as luck would have it, today is the day I have some photos of his sweet girlies ready to share!  These two little ladies decided to make their appearance a little on the early side….not unusual for twins.   That […]

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On the Eleventh Day of Cupcakes….

my camera gave to me….a busy, bundle of adorable boy energy!  Yay!  Finally another boy!   How funny and serious is he?  He was this way pretty much the whole time he was here, which is apparently unusual for him…but seriously adorable seriousness!   He's got places to be, people!   Little bit of a smile…   […]

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