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c is for cookie

Oh how I wish I were in the second grade right now!  Madelyn's class is working on their "how to" projects and presentations and I just saw the list of what they will be teaching each other…oh the things I could learn!  There will be lots of different cooking, (if you know anything about us it […]

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So the weekend before this last one wa the U District Street Fair!  Yippy!  We have a tradition of going that involves getting there EARLY, picking out a fun little something, having an elephant ear or two, and getting the heck out of dodge before the crowds get so crazy that I freak out.  This […]

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1st Birthdays

A friend of mine had an idea for some 1st birthday photos she wanted to try.  She's even invited her PEPs groups, so you can be assured there will be plenty of fabulous…and probably to come.  These are some test shots I took this weekend while I had my hands on someone who would […]

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A friend sent me a link to a new blog (designmom) the other day because it had some FABULOUS family photos on it (check them out here)…turns out to be a super cool blog about all kinds of things I love.  The author is a designer/art director and a mother of 5 and she writes about "where design and motherhood […]

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Just For Fun

This last week I had the opportunity to take some company photos for a local builder, and while they were fun, they aren't really blog-kind-of-fun photos, besides I was way too lazy to get everyone to sign a release….therefore, today you get some random shots that never made the blog before now… Awhile ago Georgia's […]

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