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How Do You Say “Adorable” in German?

So this little man belongs to the most wonderful family.  Besides being just the sweetest bunch of people, they have the distinction of ALL being bilingual.  Everyone speaks German, except for the little man of course, and they are fluent.  I so wish I could speak any language (other than English or Pig Latin) well […]

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Along the Cheerio Trail

These shots make me want to make on of those funny little flip books….remember those?  Anyway, funny little girly photos, as promised….         Love those Cheerios!

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Can You Dig It?

I know I promised funny little girl pictures, but I thought I would take this Monday opportunity to make you feel better about your weekend.  Don't get me wrong…I got to do some fun stuff this weekend…movie and pizza night with some of my favorite people, watch my biggest darling play soccer (which I LOVE), […]

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A Spoonful of Sugar

Just a little something to sweeten up your day!  You all know how I like a good song reference and in my other life I am Mary Poppins to these two little lovelies…and they certainly are sweet enough to eat!  Here are a few of my favorites from our latest photo playdate…I think everyone will appreciate […]

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Happy as a Clam

My camera has been getting a workout this week and this post starts off the beginning of all the sneak peeks.  This little lady is now just days shy of 6 months old.  You can see her as a wee, tiny thing here.  At first (and this is ALWAYS the way with 6 month olds) she […]

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