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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

The family you are about to see has been our neighbors since we moved into our current house…so about 3 1/2 years.  I'm so lucky to have such great neighbors and even luckier that they let me snap their photo!  I was priviledged enough to get to photograph the youngest member of their family when she […]

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Another Dooz-y

The youngest madam at our house decided she was ready for a haircut (she was way overdue!).  Apparently, she is aware that "a bob" is a kind of haircut, who knew she was so well informed?  This led to much confusion to begin with…did that mean her hair would look like our neighbor, Bob's?  After we […]

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Cookies – the Ultimate Bribe or….

the ultimate distraction?  So we did some "mommy & me" photos this weekend of my gorgeous (of course) sister and darling (even more of course) nephew.  The little darling has definitely gotten to the stage where he will do what he wants and nothing more (generally speaking) and if there happen to be cookies in the vicinity, […]

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The Cutest Little Wigglebug

This last weekend I met the cutest little girl and let me tell you, if my abs were anywhere near as strong as hers, I would wear a bikini everywhere!  She could fling her legs up and around, flip over and then back, throw her hips up in the air…it was amazing…and exhausting to watch, not […]

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Winners! Winners! Winners!

Sorry not to have posted results immediately last night but my committee was asleep in the car by the time we made it home from dinner.  So without further delay, the winner of the photo contest is…. (drum roll please) #3 & #5…    Seemed as though there may have been some "illegal" voting going on that might […]

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