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Twirly Girly

WARNING:  this is a LENGTHY post involving MANY photos….be sure to have sustenance handy! Some of you faithful blog followers will actually know when this little chickie's birthday is…shhh…don't tell anyone how far behind I actually am!!  Well, I finally convinced her that we really needed to take some 5 year photos and boy did […]

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Let the Voting Begin….

Okey dokey, I've been playing around again (it's what I do when I am avoiding something, you know) and I changed up the blog banner again….do you remember the other one?   Skinnier….little different logo thingy…can't decide which I like better so I say you people who have to look at it should vote!  Perhaps there should even […]

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Yay me!

I actually finished my annual business taxes for 2008 this morning!  (OK, I'm adding this so that you will all be clear…NOT my personal taxes….my business taxes, due on Jan. 31st…just in the nick of time….don't be overly impressed and think that I am organized enough to be done with or have even thought about my personal […]

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Another “One” Bites the Dust

Happy birthday little dude!  And congratulations to his parents on surviving the first year…somewhat trying in the best of circumstances and even a little more so for you guys.  It's been so fun watching you guys become parents….and good ones at that!  He is turning into such a funny little man.  Can't wait for the […]

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Funny Man

We were just goofing around the other day and here's what happened…. Love his funny expression! Think this one is his dad's favorite…he looks like such a big boy! This is his new sign for "more" or maybe "give it to me now" or "I want it"…he opens and closes his hands over and over! […]

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