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Inside, Outside, Upside Down

We did a little of everything though the upside down shot didn't turn out….bummer!  We were going to start outside but when they got here there was a little sprinkle (what? and ruin my weather streak?) so we opted for inside and let me tell you, these guys crack me up!  And in honor of […]

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A Lot More Brotherly Love

My sweet brother luck continues, (not to mention weather luck!) except this time it's TWO brothers and boy did I love hanging out with them!  They were so much fun and look at how much I think they like each other…. Don't you just love big brother's casual arm slung around his little brother?  Just such […]

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Just a Little Brotherly Love

Can I tell you how much fun I had snapping these guys last weekend!  The weather was still on its cooperative streak (which I am hoping madly will reappear by tomorrow!) so I dragged them out to, where else….the bridge! Now I know many of you out their will sympathize with the plight of our fair […]

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The Attack of the Terrifying Baby

So I feel like I've been picking some unusual/non-traditional favorite shots lately, and today will be no different….love this one! Really he is just giving her a zerbert….funniest thing ever! And how happy is momma to be on the receiving end of all that love! OK, so a few more favorites from this session… Life […]

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Just For Fun

Just a quick post to share one of my new favorites…. Don't even have a good reason for loving it so much…just do, that's all. Happy Tuesday!

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