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Super Scary…

OK, so I don't have the cute, little man yet, but here is what Miss Middle M shot this morning…pretty scary!  Miss A thinks I look like a step-mom….hmm, do you think that means her dad has a blonde girlfriend waiting in the wings??  Creepy McCreeperson thought I looked like a mugger…must be the hat….slightly […]

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Trick or Treat

Just a quick preview of what will be going on around here….. Creepy McCreeperson AKA: Death, the Grim Reaper…. He has decided to skip trick-or-treating in favor of sitting on the porch in costume, running his new fog machine, and scaring the bejeezus out of all the kids who stop by our house….be forewarned! and […]

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It’s All About the Treat

I had the chance to shoot another cute family this last weekend.  A little different this time as they have a big boy…no more non-mobile baby for us!  He was full of energy and curiousity…as two year olds are, and was just a ton of fun to listen to and watch.  The trick to the […]

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She’s Not a Baby Anymore…..

and I'm not sure I like it!  Have you seen The Princess Bride?  Think of the old hag who boos when the Princess is introduced to the crowd…well, that's me!  Boo, I say!  She's supposed to be my little baby forever!  Now she is FIVE and that is wrong on so many levels…but I guess I […]

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Sweet Little Bug

This last weekend I got to catch up with one of the PEPs babies from a few posts ago…the adorable Ladybug!  These guys were such a treat, not only to photograph, but just to get to know!  There are so many great shots it was hard to narrow it down to just these few.  I LOVE this […]

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