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Levis’ Poster Baby

Sometimes when the tiny dictator arrives, he is wearing something that gives me a photo idea.  Yesterday was one of those days….. Some of you blog followers know just how big he is getting….to darn big for his own britches! He is all about being vertically mobile…none of that sissy crawling stuff for him…thus, he […]

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M & M

Melt in your mouth, not in your hands…..well, I might not actually eat up these little girls, but they certainly are yummy enough!!  (and in case you couldn't guess, both of these little sweeties have names that start with M)  Yesterday I had the joy of shooting my newest little neighbor and her big sister, (and […]

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Let’s Go (wind)surfing now…..

Everybody's learning how…. In an attempt to make up for my slacker blogging of the last week and the pathetic end of summer vacation weather, I will now share some sunny day photos with you to brighten your day….. Survivordad's windsurfing group had a family picnic/teach your kid to sail day last weekend. Lucky for […]

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At the end of the long road….

(and by long road I mean H's pregnancy and I-90) look what we found waiting for us….. Is he not absolutely gorgeous?? Well worth an 8 hour car ride…I'd go back again in an instant if I thought I could tear him out of his mother's arms for more than a minute! This little guy […]

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Since I will be out of town this weekend, road-tripping to Montana to meet/snuggle/photograph a newbie baby boy, and I am sure you are all desperate for entertainment, head on over to the  official websiteof Fernstrom Photography as I have updated the home page with fancy flash stuff & added a few new galleries.  (Don't […]

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