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Challenge of the Week….Boy Meets Dog

So not only was the actual photo taking a challenge, but the typing with a wiggly boy in my arms with one eye on a potty training puppy might be even harder.  Therefore text will be brief…. I promise no animals or babies were hurt in the taking of these photos! Happy weekend!

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the newest addition to our family, Georgia Bernice. We picked her up yesterday morning and are madly in love with the little bundle of fluff! Georgia, just because I like it, and Bernice because Annie calls all Bernese Mountain Dogs “Bernice”, which I think is hilarious. That’s what she’s been saying all day, “Hey, where’s […]

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Last Thursday I got to help out taking photos at the elementary school luau!  Never done any mass photoing before, so it was a total learning experience. It was too hilarious….lots of props provided, and entertainment galore watching all the kiddos pick put what they wanted to wear and what their parents should wear.  Anyway, […]

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Calamari anyone?

So, I’ve told you before that we have the BEST preschool teachers ever…I mean, “tang”aritas for Cinco de Mayo??  It doesn’t get any better than that….well, at least that’s what I thought, until yesterday. Wait for it….Teacher Sandie brought in a REAL octopus for octopus day….granted, it wasn’t alive, but still, WOW!!  It was the […]

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Learning Experience

So I kinda thought I was going crazy.  My new camera had been awesome for me and then all of a sudden I couldn't get anything to focus….you may have noticed the blur lately….I was starting to think my eyes were failing.  I tried everything I could think of….changed every focus setting I could think of, […]

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