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The Sweetest Bundle of Energy

This past weekend I had the privilege of photographing this sweet family.   Their little girl is a typically energetic 16 month old, which always provides a good work out for me….and I think, this time, I won.  I won her over…she actually climbed up in my lap (kind of hard to take her picture from […]

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One Cute Little Old Man

So my wee nephew has a new trick…and it makes him look like an old toothless man (instead of the young toothless man that he is!)   My youngest used to do this trick too, and it always cracked me up!  Anyway, I managed to catch him doing it the other day and here is the […]

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Hope you all heard that in the loud, Spanish soccer commentator voice in which it was intended!  Can’t help but share some snaps from this weekend’s fabulous soccer game….I am so proud of my little bruiser….not overly outgoing by nature (Ok, possibly the most timid of all creatures) turns out she is quite the fearsome […]

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The Fab 5 Fernies

Warning:  the fact that my logo is on the pictures does NOT mean that I took them (I am not tricky or patient enough to pull it off)….my fabulous brother-in-law shot them for us while we were all on our fantastic vacation.  If you like a surprise photo on your Christmas card, close your eyes […]

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Boys, Boys, Boys

As promised, photos of the adoring brothers…. Not the littlest brother anymore!! This guy is totally in love with his new baby brother….wait til you see the next few…love the sweetness in him! That is big brothers hand he’s hanging on to…. I love how everyone is enamored of their new addition! The new family […]

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