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Hold on to your hats!

Don’t you just love this face….what a goof!! Tha fabulous hat is a Grandma original and has a sweater to match….what fun colors! Here are a few more fun ones from today, plus a fun surprise at the end! Enjoy!! and last but not least….ta da!! Isn’t he getting too big for his own britches?? […]

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Yesterday I had the chance to shoot one of my favorite athletes, my dad, doing what he does best. Never really having attempted this medium (sports, not action, as I get plenty of action from all the toddlers I know) before it was quite an adventure (and I got to boss my dad around….which is […]

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Pizza anyone?

So we opted for pizza for dinner on Saturday night (surprised??) and walked down to our new neighborhood pizza joint (World Pies) with the whole crew. Snapped a few shots on the way, but as you may well know, getting everyone in a group of six under 14s to look your way and not be […]

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3 guesses where we went on Friday….

The past few days have been a blur of fun & excitement around here. My sister-in-law and 3 of her boys came out to visit all the way from New York….don’t know if that gives you a clue, but it means that we don’t get to see them nearly as often as we’d like!! This […]

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It’s Wednesday and you know what that means……

Heeeere’s Benbino…..just a little sneak for his mom to make her smile while she’s at work today! Enjoy!! Lynnie loves making you giggle….it’s the best sound in the world!! Just doing a little laundry ahhh, the dreaded tummy time

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